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Corvette Shipping also provides Warehousing as one of its services. We offer our customers the best-in-class warehousing services where our customers can enjoy secure, reliable, open and well-managed distribution centers that are aligned with their supply chain operations. Besides assisting in inventory management, our services allow customers to reap the benefits of large scale economies which serve as a cost effective solution to their business.

Our warehouse management practices include overseeing all staff, training, inventory, equipment, safety and security, relationships with shipping carriers, other moving pieces and much more.

Our range of services include :

  • Labelling & Palletizing
  • Inventory Management
  • Logistics & Storage Options
  • Customs Clearance Assistance
  • Cross Stuffing & Cargo Management
  • Distribution & Supply Chain Management

Our warehouses have state of the art infrastructure which allow our customers to safely and securely store products in a systematic and organized manner. They can also easily access information such as tracking where the items are located, when did the items arrive, since how long have the items been there and also the quantity on hand.

Among our strengths, we can proudly boast of our well trained staff, computer driven inventory control, information management systems and distribution solutions. We provide customised solutions as per your needs along with an economical warehouse, low cost space and minimal shipping overheads.

Our warehouse management system (WMS) provides the necessary tools to seamlessly manage warehouse operations and inventory movement. This not only saves time but also eliminates manual and redundant processes. Our warehouse management systems help optimize inventory storage, warehousing operations, workload distribution, and shipping.

Corvette Shipping is a brand that is known across borders to be one of the most reliable, safe and affordable service providers. We take pride in delivering the best of warehousing services, at the most reasonable prices. Our warehouses and distribution centres are located at strategic locations to ensure that there is no additional cost incurred on unnecessary transportation.

Most importantly, our supply chain management professionals have put in place, a logistic process which can be tailored down especially for your needs, in order to align with your business in an integrated fashion.